Homeschool With Us
Homeschool With Us

We're creating a community for homeschooling parents to find support & encouragement.

A safe, private online home for homeschooling parents.

Goodbye, Facebook Groups.

Hello, Homeschool With Us.

  • Homeschool With Us is a safe, private, members-only social network designed specifically for homeschooling parents.
  • Finally, you no longer need Big Tech to connect with other homeschooling parents.
  • No trolls. No politics. Just love and support during one of life's biggest adventures.
  • You are not alone. Homeschool With Us, and we will prove it.
  • We are 200 members strong and growing. Join a flourishing community of homeschooling parents and future homeschooling parents.

On Homeschool With Us, you can...

  • Meet like-minded homeschooling parents.
  • Watch a growing video library of exclusive homeschooling content only available with Homeschool With Us.
  • Access the site via app, mobile browser, or desktop!
  • Ask questions and get answers about homeschooling from the community.
  • Access forums for curriculum help and advice.
  • Find members in your local area.
  • Share files, documents, and other homeschooling resources.
  • Access a marketplace for buying and selling used homeschooling materials.
  • Trust that your information is private. We don't sell your data to advertisers.
  • Watch us edit Blimey Cow videos! Your students can join livestreams where we edit videos and answer live-chat questions about the process.
  • ...and much, much more!

Who Homeschool With Us Is Built For

  • Anyone planning to homeschool in the future.
    Maybe you don’t have kids yet. Maybe you aren’t even married yet. Even still, now is the best time to get inspired. We welcome you here! We want to help answer your questions and provide encouragement as you plan for the journey ahead.
  • Anyone currently homeschooling.
    Get inspired, be encouraged, and enjoy community with others who are on the same adventure as you.

  • Homeschooling veterans.
    If your days in the trenches are over, we still need your help! Who better to equip the next generation of homeschooling parents than the homeschool vets who came before us? We invite you to act as guides and tutors in our community!

Why join this community?

  • If you've felt alone and isolated, this community is for you.
    Haven't we had enough loneliness and isolation the last couple of years? Homeschool With Us is designed to end that, permanently.
  • This is a paid community, meaning all of its members have skin in the game.
    If you're here, it's because you want to see Homeschool With Us succeed and flourish. You won't find the trolls, agitators, or silly arguments here that populate most free Facebook groups.
  • We have a decade of experience building and cultivating online communities.
    We're taking all the lessons we've learned over the last ten years and dedicating them to a platform that we need to exist in this crazy world right now.

What Our Members Are Saying

Shattering the myth that homeschoolers are unsocialized one glorious connection at a time! I even "met" someone who doesn't live that far away from me, which I really didn't expect so soon after the launch of the site!

-Jill N.

I’m excited for the future of Homeschool With Us and so glad to be here. My last & only reason to miss Facebook is GONE. There is so much potential here and I’m looking forward to more and more friends joining us!

-Kaitlin W.

This place is so supportive and positive! I mentioned a fear I had about my parenting, and I DIDN'T get swarmed and eaten alive! (That's what happened last time I made a post like that on Facebook.) Instead, I got encouragement and support!

-Ashley H.

Who We Are

(Jordan and Sara are on the left. Josh, Kelli and their kids are on the right)

We are creators from Nashville, Tennessee who took the freedom that homeschool afforded to us as kids and created the YouTube channel Blimey Cow. Over the last 10+ years, we have created dozens for videos for homeschoolers.

Now we are in our 30s and are starting to have kids of our own. As we looked around the internet, we realized there were scant few options when it comes to online homeschool communities, and the ones that did exist are all on Facebook.

We don't use Facebook. We don't like Facebook. And we know there are others who don't either, or who would like to migrate off of Facebook if there were a viable alternative.

Homeschool With Us is that alternative.

Our YouTube channel has always felt like the unofficial home for homeschoolers on the internet. With Homeschool With Us, we are creating the official online home for homeschooling parents.